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The Bass Page
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As I've mentioned on the other pages, I am a bass player. Here, I'll try and give you an idea of the gear I use and some information about each piece.
Let me preface all of this by saying first and foremost that I consider the gear I have to be some of the best stuff available. I've learned through the years that you truly do get what you pay for most of the time. However, I'm a bargain shopper also and Ebay is normally the first place I go to when I'm looking for something to add. Good gear will pay for itself in the end though, especially if you dont have to worry about something blowing up on stage or getting the "evil eye" from a producer who expects nothing less than perfection.

I currently use 2 main basses for playing live. The first is a 1993 Fender American Standard Jazz Bass. I bought it from a guy in New York who had it on an Ebay auction. I think it still had the original strings on it when he shipped it to me, to tell you the truth. It hadn't seen a whole lot of action and just needed someone to show it some attention. It had a good sound just with the stock parts, but I wanted more out of it. I had read in Bass Player magazine about this guy named Leo Quan who made replacement bridges for Fenders and other basses. I could never get the intonnation right on the Jazz or Precision so I decided to switch the bridges on both to Leo's "Badass II" model. WOW... it was like playing a totally different instrument immediately. Next, I went ahead and upgraded the pickups to Seymour Duncan "Quarter-Pounds"... again, WOW. The Jazz is the bass I use on roughly 50% of  live settings  because of it's ability to cut through the mix and it's got a very warm, punchy tone.

The other bass I use live is a 1998 Modulus Genesis 5 string. This bass is truly awesome in every way. Modulus teamed up with long time luthier Michael Tobias to create this line. I had been playing 4 strings exclusively for several years and had noticed that most of the newer music I heard was written with "extended range" instruments in mind. The difference is the low-B string. I use it live when playing some newer stuff like Nickelback, 3 doors down, Disturbed and anything else that needs the lower register accommodated. This bass shines in the studio though. Very clean and tight with a huge sound.


Ok, now for the "beef"... my amp setup. I've used a few different configurations over the past several years actually. My first bass amp was an SWR workingman's series. It was good to start out on but just didn't have the thump that I wanted to get out of it. After looking around for a while, I decided to start using Ampeg equipment. I bought an SVT classic head and an Ampeg 4x10 cabinet. That was pretty much my setup for 5 or 6 years. There's a few pictures on here where you can see me playing through that rig.
 As my playing evolved, so did my sound too. I was looking for the one bass amp system that I could play night in and night out that wouldnt break my back. The big Ampeg stuff was definetely not in that direction so I studied everything I could about new and old stuff and also read up on what the touring pros were using. Finally, after months of shopping and trial and error I had put together what I believe is a collection of equipment that totally fits my playing style on any song, in any setting:
The Rack Gear: Ampeg BSP-SVT tube preamp (Billy Sheehan model)
                         Carvin HTP 750w power amp (bridged at 1,100w)
                         Furman Rack Rider power supply and light module
The Cabinets: David Eden 210XLT
                      Peavey "Black Widow" 15"
Special Effects: Dunlop "Cry Baby" bass wah
                        Boss bass chorus
                        Blistering distortion from the BSP's second channel
Every single connection from my bass to the speakers has the name "Monster Cable" on it. I am totally sold on all of their products and recommend spending the extra'll hear where the $$$ went to, I promise.
For the studio, I rely on a SansAmp Tech 21 bass driver going direct into the board. Yeah, that's it. It's an amazing piece of equipment that gives you the sound of a huge bass rig in a box that fits in the palm of your hand.


Tacoma acoustic/electric...this thing is a blast!!

my 1995 p-bass (my "firstborn")

More to come.....very soon, so check back.